Working Opportunities

This is a list of the organizations that I advises/work or have invested in. This would be a good starting point for working synergy and collaborations. My experience lies in Classifieds , Digital Advertising and B2B SAAS Software.


Opportunities I am open to

  1. Mentorship – I like you, you like me. We both feel that I can value add at a ~5-10% equity level either at the revenue or cost side. We find time to meet monthly/bi-monthly. It would largely be a non-executive role on my end. Fit : You are pre-ebita stage and have a committed team of at least 3 founders. You have to be in the same industry vertical I have experience in for there to be working synergy. Investment if any would be very close to the same level as the Founders.
  2. Angel Investing – I have known you for quite a while or you are a professionally run start up by an experienced entrepreneur who has have a successful exit. Typically the deal flow that is of interest to me are through institution(s) and I just tag along. Fit : All the basics – Experienced founders, large addressable market ~1B, Scalable, proprietary technology and post revenue stage. Basically I am not in a position to take in technology or business risk. Market risk is acceptable.



sgCarMart is a wholly owned subsidiary of SPH. It is the number one car portal in Singapore, attracting 2.6 million visitors every month. It businesses include car classifieds, advertising, auction bidding, auto insurance and loans. It was acquired by SPH in 2013.

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Conversion Hub Holdings is an Internet Marketing Company in Singapore. We provide strategy advisory and consultancy services in the online space. Our primary focus is on building proven, scalable business models in the online and mobile space. We are also open to expand parameters and seize other attractive opportunities whenever they arise. They also provide website design in singapore.

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Ask Alvin By Conversion Hub  – A SPH Associate Company

Conversion Hub Marketing is company based in Singapore and is a SPH Associate Company. Under the Brand “Ask Alvin”, Conversion Hub Marketing provide online marketing software in the area of  Email Marketing and Mobile Apps. They also conduct technical and online marketing training using these software.

Mobile Apps – Create your own mobile app in 15 minutes with our user friendly and powerful mobile app platform.

Email Marketing Automation – Your own personal email marketing Butler – Alvin. Ask Alvin to help you automate your marketing by sending newsletters and more.

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Advisory/Passive Portfolio

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A unique business intelligence platform that transforms business users into a data analysts in a matter of minutes. Necto has earned Panorama a spot on Forrester’s list of “Strong Performers”, the number one product score and ease of use ranking by Gartner and a spot on Gartner’s list of “Visionaries” in the BI platform market. Organizations currently using Panorama’s Necto platform include UBS, Citizens Bank, Leumi Card, Danone, Saks Fifth Avenue, Pfizer, World Health Organization, Queensland Health, Texas Instruments. Panorama is led by CEO Eynav Azarya and Founder and Executive Chairwoman Rony Ross, who sold a previous Panorama technology to Microsoft. Intel capital is an existing investor.

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Bat Blue is a cybersecurity firm offering a proprietary set of security products delivered to customers as a service from the cloud. Bat Blue exists within the fastest growing segment of the overall cybersecurity industry, expected by Gartner to account for more than $3B of sales in 2015. Founder and CEO Babak Pasdar has a demonstrated track record of building enterprise security companies. He has built a board of advisors that includes the former CTO & CIO of AT&T, former CIO of MetLife, and former CISO at Citigroup, JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch, and the former VP of Sales for Palo Alto Networks. The caliber of the advisors validates the quality and potential of the technology and brings significant firepower to the sales effort with their combined network across key target industries for cybersecurity demand.

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Nativeflow, which secures enterprise data on any device, preventing leakage of sensitive company information.  This phenomenon (known as BYOD or Bring Your Own Device) poses a massive security risk to corporate data and a major headache for IT managers. Nativeflow is led by CEO & Founder of KaVaDo (acquired by Protegrity Inc) and Avi Yehuda, CTO Intel and Director of Development of vPro Neocleus (acquired by Intel). In Q4/2014 Nativeflow won both Best Mobility Solution (Channel Company) as well as Best in Innovation (IT Healthcare Summit) awards . The company operates in the mobile data protection market which expects to reach 5.7 billion USD by 2018. Investors include JVP (over $1B under management) and strategic Fortune 200 company.

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UP-n-RIDE : Addressing the multi-billion dollar power wheelchair industry, UP-n-RIDE offers the next generation in stand-up wheelchair technology. The company holds a pending patent as well as unique proprietary know-how. The team has an extensive experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing medical and rehabilitation devices, including the ReWalkTM by Argo Medical Technologies Ltd. (Now ‘ReWalk Robotics Ltd.’). UpnRide is led byGofer who has decided to retire from his position as President and Chief Technology Officer at ReWalk Robotics, the company he founded in 2001 and listed on the NASDAQ.

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Joyride is Singapore’s preferred peer-to-peer, real-time ridesharing app that connects passengers looking for cheap and convenient commutes (“Joyriders”) to nearby drivers with seats to share (“Joydrivers”) who are travelling along the same route. Friendly, safe, and affordable, users can request a ride with the tap of a button, and a friendly Joydriver will arrive in minutes to take you where you need to go.

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Revasi, previously known as Spavista, helps you find promotion for your beauty and wellness services, read reviews and allow you to book an appointment with your laptop or smart phone. Revasi is partnering with beauty and wellness businesses around Indonesia and providing you an easy access to the latest promotion and allow you to book an appointment 24/7.

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OXY Studios, is based in the Philippines and was founded with a mission of delivering value to Clients through innovative and effective use of cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to strengthen your competitive advantage by streamlining your Internet operations, incorporating creativity, and maximizing your market share with cost savings. We do not compromise in any manner, with regards to the methodology we follow for the product development for our Clients, which is the key for our success.

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Promozise is a professional digital agency in Jakarta, Indonesia., founded in late 2014. We offer creative and innovative solutions for the digital age. Today Promozise is one of Indonesia’s leading agency for best quality website development. We offer professional website design, development and ecommerce solutions. We´re passionate about design and people. We combine websites and digital strategies that draw people in and encourage them to make a purchase or book a service.

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